Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kindergarten Update 3/18 - 3/22

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We are so excited about the first day of spring which falls on March 20th!  We will talk more about "spring" and the many changes that happen during this wonderful  time.  
Word Wall Words:  "one", "as"

In Writer's Workshop, students are having a great time writing their opinion about their favorite dessert.  Students are adding reasons to support their opinion.  It's so much fun to read all of the stories!  Please continue to work on writing at home.  

In Reader's Workshop, students will practice reading books at their level and predicting what's going to happen next. 

In math, students will work on counting on and using the number line to solve problems.

In science, we will discuss what it means to be oviparous (animals that hatch from eggs) and do fun and engaging activities around them.  

We will start our famous artist study next week.  The first artist we are going to study is Picasso.  Students will create their own art based around this artist.  Students will display their work at Open House.

Report cards went home yesterday. I am so proud of the growth each child has shown! Way to go Kinders! Keep it up!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't get pinched.

Class Baskets are due March 22
Spring Break starts March 30th. 
School resumes Monday, April 8
Class baskets displayed in Library for families to bid on April 8-12
Auction is Saturday, April 13

Enjoy your weekend,
Ms. Werner

Friday, March 8, 2019

3/11 - 3/15

Hello  Kindergarten Families,

Next week, we will continue to talk about the weather.  We have been memorizing the poems for each type of cloud formation.  We will also do some fun activities with Leprechauns since St. Patrick's day is Saturday March 17.  I'm Irish.  I will be showing the map of Ireland and where my family are from. As you know, we Irish call it St. Paddy's Day. We'll learn to do a little Irish jig.

Word wall word: because

Writers workshop: We will begin opinion writing. We will discuss  what we think is the best desserts.  The children will be taking a survey to see what the class thinks is the best dessert. Then they will try to persuade the class into thinking  that their favorite dessert is the best. In a model writing, students will write how to eat a chocolate coin.

Readers workshop: Our teaching point will be how to read long words.  I will be discussing syllables and how to break a word up into syllables.  Some students say  that they can not read a long word.  The tool is how can you shorten the word to make it less scary.  

In math, we will continue designing shapes and talking about shapes.  Students will be playing games, drawing, shaping, and comparing shapes.

Report cards go home March 15
Class Baskets are due March 22
Spring Break starts March 30th. 
School resumes Monday, April 8
Class baskets will be displayed in Library for families to bid on April 8-12
Auction is Saturday, April 13

Have a great weekend,
Cathy Werner

Friday, March 1, 2019

March 4-8

Hello Families,

Wow, it is March!!! It is almost spring!  We will be talking about the weather and different types of clouds.  We have many books and poems that we will be reading.  

In Writer's workshop, we will be starting our new unit in opinion writing.  They turn out very cute because we ask them to write about if they have opinions on what we could change at school.  One year, our students helped get the track in the upper playground get fixed because so many wrote about it.  

In reader's workshop, students will be introduced to being a super reader.  Students will be show their powers by looking around the room and other places to identify familiar words.  Then, they will use pointer power to point to words as they read.  Then students will be asked to read with a partner.

word wall words: little, girl  (please practice past words (said, this, that, come, feet)

In math: Students will be identifying solid and flat shapes.  We will identify and compare shapes using vocabulary words like face, sides, corners etc.  Students will be making different sizes of shapes.  We will also continue to add and subtract with word problems.

This year the theme for our Auction is "Monopoly".   This is our biggest fundraising event to raise money for our school to have special assemblies, math festivals, supplies for classrooms, programs for education, etc.   In order for all classes to help, we are creating a class basket themed "Learning Sensory/Play dough".   Kristi, our room parent, has already sent an email in regards to donating to this basket.    Anything with Sensory/Kinesthetic themed would be great.  We need all donations in by March 22!!! We will be selling the baskets at the Auction and they will be displayed in the Library the week before the Auction.  Please make an effort to donate to the basket, join us for the auction on Saturday, April 13th and have a great time meeting many other families!!!!


Rio Community night at Santa Cruz Warriors: Friday, March 15
Report Cards March 15
Class basket donations due March 22
School Auction on Saturday, April 13th

Thank you and have a great weekend,
Ms. Werner

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Feb. 25-March 1

Hello Families,

This week, we are celebrating on of our favorite author, Dr. Suess!!! His birthday is March 3. Read Across America is March 2.  We will be having activities in math, reading, art, and science that are themed with Dr. Suess.  Students who want to dress up daily to match the book we are reading that day.  Also, students can bring in a book to share of Dr. Suess.  We will dress up on Friday with our hats and bow ties.

Monday: Dress up in stripes for "The Cat in the Hat"
Tuesday: Dress up in green for  "Green Eggs and Ham"
Wednesday: mix and match (backwards, inside out, etc.) for "Wacky Wednesday"
Thursday: something red or blue for "One fish Two fish Blue fish Red fish"
Friday:  Crazy socks "Fox on Socks"

Word wall words: want, feet

Writers workshop: Finishing up our "How to" book and celebrating on Friday with our buddies.

In Math:  In counting collections, students are exploring grouping of 2's, 5's, 10's, and other grouping.  Please practice at home.  Also, we have been discussing "place value" and counting the 10 way.  For example: for 12 it is 1 ten two.  This is to help with placing the ten in the correct place.

In Readers workshop: We are focusing on sounding out words instead of guessing.  You can use clues with the pictures to identify each letter in the word.

Thanks to the parents who helped with the Math Festival!  The class had a great time exploring the different math activities.

Thanks for walking students to the upper playground in the morning.  It has been very cold in the mornings, so please send jacket or sweatshirt to school.

Next round of sharing for "Star of the Day"!! Something about spring.  Put it in a bag with 3 clues and their name.

Have a great week,
Ms. Werner

Friday, February 15, 2019

Feb. 18-22

Hello Families,

   This next week, there no school on Monday, Feb. 18.  On Tuesday, we have our math festival from 11:50-12:30.  We still need some volunteers to help out with the math centers. 

We will continue learning about presidents and our country.  Also, we will start discussing dental awareness for February!  Please encourage students to brush teeth, floss and eat healthy foods.  We continue our biography study in RTI as well as in talking about autobiographies. 

In Writers Workshop, we will be finishing up our "How to" books and be celebrating our stories on February 27th.  We will be reading them with our buddies on Friday, March 1.

In Readers Workshop, we are talking about reading with fluency not robot reading.  When reading at home try to help them with reading for fluency with our take home books.  If students still continue to sound out the words have them repeat the sentence with fluency for understanding.  Please remind them that reading is for understanding/comprehending not just able to read the words.  Some students need to slow down with returning the take home books until they master fluency and comprehension.

Word Wall words: will, come

Students are showing so much interest in donating to "Pennies for Patients".  So proud of these students for giving their money for research to help other children.  All money due Friday, February 22.

In Math, we will continue with subtraction and addition with word problems.  We will start having them come up with their own word problems to solve and share.  We will have different types of math games using positional words, and money recognition. 

Have a great weekend!!
Ms. Werner

Friday, February 8, 2019

Feb. 11-15

Hello Families,

This Monday is a holiday! We will see you on Tuesday for centers to celebrate Abe Lincoln's birthday.  We will be creating a log cabin in honor of Abe Lincoln.  We will also be playing a game with pennies.

 We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday.  I will have some independent centers with fun Valentine activities.  If you would like to help, please email me.  I only need a couple helpers for the centers.  Thanks to Kristi for helping me plan the party.

Word wall words:  they, of

Math:  We will be still working on addition and subtraction.  I am so impressed with the different strategies students have been able to use to solve word problems.  We will play a game with a penny using positional words to find the penny.  

Math Festival is Tuesday, February 19th.  We still need helpers, please email me or Alyssa Davis.  Thanks!

I would like to thank everyone for all the supplies For 100th Day of school and Chinese New Year!

Just reminder to please slow down on reading, if you child is still sounding out words instead of reading it fluently.  If there are too many pages to read and they are struggling remember only read a few pages at a time. :) 


No school Monday, February 18.

Have a lovely long weekend!
Ms. Werner

Friday, February 1, 2019

Feb. 4-8

Hello Families,

This week, we had so much fun learning about polar bears and how animals adapt to the cold areas.   We did a science experiment on blubber.  Ask your child about what they learned about blubber.  Also, we learned about camouflage and what would it look like to have a polar bear in the forest compared to the snow.  

Next week, we have many celebrations!  On Monday, we are celebrating  the100th day of school.  We have 4 fun centers planned to celebrate with the number 100!!!!  On Tuesday, Chinese New Year begins and we will have a few fun activities to celebrate and we also will have a parade on Wednesday.  

Readers Workshop:  We will be introducing what vocabulary is and how to identify the definition of the word. We will be talking about biographies and autobiographies.  We will also introduce what a contraction is and how it is made up  of 2 words.

Writers Workshop:  We will be "picking a seed".  Which means out of all of our stories, we will choose one story to edit and turn into our publishing piece. Our celebration will be later in February.

word wall words: friend, from

Math:  Wow! I was so impressed with our CGI word problem this week!  Students are starting to understand so many ways to solve both addition and subtraction word problems.  Celebrate your child at home with how amazing their math knowledge is becoming with subtracting and adding!  Continue to practice mental math by sharing real world word problems to see if they can figure it out home.  Also, we have finished unit 4 in math!  So if you haven't done unit 4 in the homework book, now is the time.

Thank you all for all the supplies!!! I really appreciate the support!!!

Pennies for patients is our next fundraiser. Student Leadership will be coming to talk to our class on Monday about the fundraiser. Your child will be bringing home their own container to collect money for this worthwhile cause.  More info will be coming home on Monday!

Some items we need for Valentine's project: 

We need the big grocery paper bags for our Valentine's bag.  If you can send in some bags that would be great.  Thanks!  Also, for Valentine's Day, we would appreciate for you just to leave the "to" blank and write only the "from" on their Valentines.  It is too hard for the kids to pass out when they have all names on them since they are still just learning to read. Thanks!

Have a great week!  Have fun with the stormy weather and keep safe!  In March, we talk about weather and clouds!!!

Have a nice weekend,
Ms. Werner

Kindergarten Update 3/18 - 3/22

Dear Kindergarten Families, We are so excited about the first day of spring which falls on March 20th!  We will talk more about "...